Optimize your payment processing

Whether you have a startup or established company, accepting credit and debit cards is often an important function of any business. When determining your merchant processing provider, it's wise to consider your bank for this partnership.

Why use Prairie Mountain Bank for this partnership?

  • Trust. Merchant processors receive the funds from customers before your business. This means when choosing a merchant processing partner, you want to ensure you really know and trust them. Prairie Mountain Bank & American Bank Center partner with the bank-centric merchant services company, BASYS Processing. A partner of our's since 2017, BASYS is a trusted and recommended vendor, giving you the piece-of-mind that your card processing will be taken care of.
  • Service. What happens when your terminal breaks down?  What if you need a mobile solution or are questioning a charge on your merchant processing bill? When you partner with Prairie Mountain Bank and BASYS, you’ll have an eBanking specialist to help at the drop of a hat with any support or service requests.
  • Compliance. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council has standards by which every company that accepts card transactions has to maintain. These compliance requirements may seem daunting, but Prairie Mountain Bank and BASYS can help you to stay ahead of the game. In fact, in 2019 BASYS received a 98.04% merchant satisfaction rating in PCI compliance. Your eBanking specialist will also assist with compliance questions upon request.
  • Cost Savings. Have you noticed your merchant processing charges are continually increasing? We will work with the BASYS team to break down your current statements and determine opportunities to save on your processing fees with a customized savings analysis.
Are you new to processing? An eBanking specialist will work with you to find the best rate and product for your company. We support customers by conducting a review to determine potential savings after six months of processing.
  • Technology. Banks have the inside scoop on the latest future-ready payment processing technologies.  American and BASYS will keep you informed of the latest trends in an ever changing environment. 

At Prairie Mountain Bank we know when businesses succeed, our community does, too! That’s why we want your business to have the best technology, savings and service to easily accept payments. For more information, contact your banker or an eBanking specialist today.


This article was contributed by Laura Mowder, eBanking specialist and Bismarck supervisor with American Bank Center. 

A Montana resident, Laura has been working in the financial industry since 1999.  Laura customizes electronic services, such as those for cash management, e-deposits and merchant processing, to meet her customers’ business banking needs.  “I know how valuable time is to my customers.”  Laura enjoys visiting with her customers to find out how a typical work week flows, so she can determine which products will bring value and efficiency to their day-to-day operations.